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Sec 2 ALP: 3D-Tronics Coding Programme

Sec 2 ALP: 3D-Tronics Coding Programme

On 22 to 25 May 2017, all Secondary 2 classes went through the 3D-Tronics Programming and Coding training. They also had opportunities to apply what they had learnt through the hands-on segment of the training.

After acquiring the necessary skills, the students were tasked to create a game to be showcased during the upcoming Community Day in July. This game was also part of the Secondary 2 Project Work assessment. The students worked diligently on their project and continued to improve on it with the guidance of the training facilitators and teachers.

On the last day of their training, each group presented their research, the theory behind the mechanics as well as how their game was played to the rest of the class. There were also demonstration sessions where student volunteers had the chance to play the games. In showing how creative and committed they were, our students surpassed all of our expectations. Students showcased their games at our Pei Hwa Community Day and the visitors had fun trying the games.

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