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Parents Support Group

Parents Support Group

PSG At Pei Hwa Sec School
2017 1st Semestral School Events

By Mrs Elaine Koh (School Staff Developer)
PSG Facilitator


Our active PSG-School partnership is evident in the commitment of our dedicated parents working with the school, jointly investing our love and care for Pei Hwa students. For the first semester of 2017, their strong and unfailing support from the classrooms to the outdoors continues to connect the parents with our students and the school.

The PSG supervised and assisted the students in the mosaic art activity conducted by external vendors. Their presence lent vibrancy to the setting and the Mother Tongue Fortnight programme. At the Charity Food Drive, they complemented the school in imparting the values of kindness and sharing to our kids. They donated food items, worked with their children, students, alumni and staff to collect donated food items from residents of neighbouring blocks of flats and packed them for various VWOs.

Their zealous supervision of our annual Sec One campers in their outdoor cooking, all these years, bears testimony of their conviction to the care and success of their kids.

They sportingly participated in our inaugural Road Race, walking side by side with our students and staff.

With their great enthusiasm at our Community Day, the PSG ran three stalls raking in a sale of $6716, proceeds from which made up a part of the entire school’s donation to five VWOs. Their belief in ‘giving back to the community’ was surely ‘caught’ by their own children and also other students in Pei Hwa.


Advisors: Mrs Belinda Chan (Principal) / Mrs Radha Prakash (Vice-Principal 1) / Mr Philip Tan (Vice-Principal 2)

School PSG Facilitator: Mrs Elaine Koh (School Staff Developer)

PSG Exco Members:

Chairperson Ja’izah Hj Embek
Vice-Chairperson Lian Kian Ann
1st Secretary Koo Nyuek Lin, Eileen
2nd Secretary Eric Foong Weng Foo
1st Treasurer Mrs Christine Choo
2nd Treasurer Candice Shiu
Recreational Cindy Chua
Jenny Low
Lim Eng Kiat
Lo Yun Moi
Koh Cher Yap
Nellie Chia

Our Vision

A Vibrant Partner of Pei Hwa

Our Mission

To keep pace with changes in the educational landscape and support the school in implementing its curriculum towards the holistic development of the pupils

Who We Are


The Pei Hwa Parents Support Group (PSG) was set up in early March 2005 with 21 parents and has since grown with the increasing enrolment of the school. The parents work hand in hand with the school to bring about quality education for our students.

Monthly meetings are held to discuss ways to improve school processes and facilities and address parents’ concerns and issues. These meetings also serve as an important two-way communication channel between the school and parents, allowing parents to understand the school’s plans and activities, provide feedback and keep up-to-date with the latest changes to the curriculum, and enable parents to meet and get to know the teachers better. Parents are able to network with other parents, share ideas and monitor their children.

In addition, parents have been actively involved in the following activities – accompanying pupils on field trips, fund-raising during school events, participating at school events such as National Day, Racial Harmony Day and performing on Teachers’ Day, assisting teachers in lessons and co-curricular activities and attending parenting workshops.


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