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English Language & Literature

English Language & Literature

Communication is a vital skill in the 21st century. In line with the Department’s vision to develop our pupils to become effective and confident communicators who are ready to embrace the cosmopolitan world we live in today, the pupils are exposed to many learning experiences during their years in Pei Hwa.


Our Programmes

On 4th July 2015, Pei Hwa Art Council and several Sec 3 Art students supported Sengkang West CACC at the Passion Arts event. This national initiative brought residents and students together to paint on large canvas sheets, which are displayed on the external façade of selected HDB blocks in the neighbourhood.

Speak Out @ Pei Hwa

Oracy is emphasised through both our enrichment programmes as well as our authentic performance tasks. All Secondary One students undergo a Basic Oral Communication Course while Secondary Two students undergo a Drama-in-Curriculum Course. In addition, Debating Skills are taught to our Secondary Three students to further enhance their oratorical skills. Students are also given ample opportunities to showcase their talents in class through Show and Tell, Role plays, Readers’ Theatre, poetry recitals and dramatisation of their literature texts.


Slice of Life

Our students and teachers take to the stage on Friday mornings to share their thoughts and viewpoints on our student outcomes, school values and current affairs. These ‘slices’ of their lives are savoured by the Pei Hwa Family.

Read @ Pei Hwa

This programme was mooted in June 2008 to promote literacy amongst students whilst encouraging them to read purposefully and also to enrich their vocabulary. Students read a wide array of texts like The Straits Times and novels that have been specially chosen and purchased for the students to delve into and enter a magical novel of their own making. We also invite authors and storytellers to the school so as to encourage our students to become avid readers.


Over the last six years, our students have been participating in the KidzRead programme, a collaborative project between the National Library Board and primary schools. They read to students at Fernvale Primary School and it has been a fruitful experience for our students as they are able to help weak readers improve through storytelling and activities like vocabulary building through board games.

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